February 28, 2016


Welcome to Our Online Learning Community

—by Paul M. Kubek

Editor's Note: This blog also appears as a newsbrief in the "stories" section of our website.

We've designed this new blog feature on our website as an online learning community. Each blog starts with an essay from a consultant-trainer at the Center for Evidence-Based Practices and includes comments and discussion threads from you. We invite you to share insights, questions, and lessons learned from your work in behavioral healthcare, integrated primary healthcare, and related fields that provide services for people with mental illness, substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders. It's an opportunity for all of us to support each other through change. Our blog will

  • Inspire reflection, conversation, and positive action;
  • Identify and disseminate evidence-based practices and other best practices that enhance services and outcomes;
  • Support and promote a learning community and network of professionals throughout Ohio and across the country who are dedicated to helping each other achieve their greatest potential.

Kick Off | Leadership

Our first blog focuses on leadership, because many team leaders have told us they need more strategies for recruiting and retaining talented team members; for developing and maintaining team cohesion and supporting the professional development of each individual; and for implementing policies and practices that provide the best possible care for people with mental illness, addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

Our inaugural blog is written by Deana Leber-George, MEd, LPCC-S, a consultant and trainer at our Center who was the leader of a high-fidelity Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) team in Lake County, Ohio for over ten years. Her essay is the first in an emerging series that she calls Next-Level Leadership. In Deana's first blog, she provides insights about and exercises for discovering the roots of your leadership strengths, which are essential for becoming the most impactful leader possible.

Check out Deana's blog. Be the first to comment and start a discussion thread. We look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

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We are committed to providing the best possible online learning community—one that is thoughtful, respectful, and spam free. We invite you to create a free account on our website, sign in, and post your comments to each blog. You will receive an email when your comments have been added. We look forward to hearing from you and learning with you!

Tech Tips

Make sure you are able to receive our emails and access all features of our website, especially while using a work computer. Review our Tech Tips page and forward the link to the I.T. department in your organization. Ask them not to block access to our website and not to filter out emails from Case Western Reserve University.

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