The Center for Evidence-Based Practices was founded in December 1999 as a center of excellence in the State of Ohio. We have been providing technical-assistance services (consulting, training, and evaluation) to state and county authorities and to over 60 service organizations throughout Ohio, including community mental-health and addiction-treatment agencies, residential treatment centers, courts and criminal justice organizations, public and private hospitals, and community health clinics.

Each organization is in a different stage of implementing evidence-based practices, emerging best practices, and other strategies that improve quality of life and other outcomes for people diagnosed with mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders. The Center also provides assistance to consumer-operated services.


Since our inception, policymakers and leaders of state and regional behavioral health authorities, service organizations, courts and criminal justice organizations, hospitals and health clinics, and technical-assistance organizations from 36 states and 5 countries—as well as Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers—have sought technical assistance from the Center for Evidence-Based Practices, which has also received requests for help from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

36 States
• Arizona (AZ)
• California (CA)
• Colorado (CO)
• Florida (FL)
• Georgia (GA)
• Hawaii (HI)
• Illinois (IL)
• Indiana (IN)
• Iowa (IA)
• Kansas (KA)
• Kentucky (KY)

• Louisiana (LA)
• Maine (ME)
• Maryland (MD)
• Massachusetts (MA)
• Michigan (MI)
• Minnesota (MN)
• Missouri (MO)
• Montana (MT)
• New Hampshire (NH)
• New Jersey (NJ)
• New Mexico (NM)
• New York (NY)

• North Carolina (NC)
• North Dakota (ND)
• Ohio (OH)
• Pennsylvania (PA)
• South Carolina (SC)
• South Dakota (SD)
• Tennessee (TN)
• Texas (TX)
• Vermont (VT)
• Virginia (VA)
• Washington (WA)
• West Virginia (WV)
• Wisconsin (WI)

5 Countries
• Australia
• Canada
• England
• The Netherlands
• Norway