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  • A List of MI Resources

    $0 / Free / An evolving list of resources and tools for Motivational Interviewing (MI), the evidence-based treatment, recommended by consultants and trainers at the Center for Evidence-Based Practices at Case Western Reserve University. MI is a core component of many evidence-based practices and best practices and is used in many service settings (e.g., ACT, IDDT, SE/IPS, housing services, criminal justice, tobacco recovery, primary health).

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  • A List of VA Resources (Veterans Affairs)

    The resources on this page assist with many aspects of military life and veteran status, including transitioning into and out of military service and managing health and wellness across the lifespan. The resources are recommended for active service members, veterans, families, and providers of services. These resources were assembled with recommendations from staff members at the Veterans Affairs (VA) centers in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.

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  • Motivational Interviewing Website

    This website provides resources for Motivational Interviewing (MI). It includes general information about the approach, as well as links, training resources, and information about reprints, recent research, and the international MINT initiative.

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