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  • Benefits & Work: It's Not All or Nothing (Large Poster)

    $0, Free PDF/ Printed copies available/ This colorful 18" x 24" poster is designed to inform people about the importance of understanding benefits information (e.g., SSI, SSDI, Medicaid) while pursuing and working a job. The poster presents some common myths about benefits programs for disabilities and a truth to dispel each myth. Display it in the waiting room of your building or in your office. Mini-poster handout version also available in this database.

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  • Surviving to Thriving: Benefits Advocacy (Large Poster)

    $0, Free PDF / Printed copies available / 18x24" Large Poster / Employment contributes to stable housing, but concerns and misconceptions about benefits programs often prevent people from pursuing work. This resource features tips to help people make informed choices about benefits and work. Promote employment and housing stability among people with mental illness, substance use disorders, and co-occurring disorders. / Designed for use in a variety of housing services. / 8.5x11" mini-poster also available.

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