ACT | Team Meeting Tools

Use the tools listed on this page in your Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team meetings. These tools are designed to help ACT teams

  • Manage information about each person who receives ACT services
  • Stay informed about each client's recovery goals and experiences in the last 24 hours and the next 24 hours
  • Stay informed about each other's daily contact with clients
  • Facilitate and coordinate the daily activities of team members as they collaborate with each other to support the recovery of people enrolled in ACT services
  • Provide the best ACT services and clinical interventions possible

Download. Innovate. Share.

ACT teams are welcomed and encouraged to

  • Download and use the tools below
  • Customize them to meet your specific needs
  • Share your innovations with us, so we can share them with others

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Learn about the Tools

Stay Organized

Know Each Client 

Manage Team Meetings & Teamwork

  • Client Monthly Schedule (white board/dry erase board)

( Lists of Client Activities )

Ohio Medicaid ACT Resources

Daily Team Meeting | How Does It Work?

The ACT daily team meeting has two basic components: format and pace. The meeting format is simple. It is a gathering of service providers from multiple disciplines who are dedicated to team cohesiveness, team collaboration, and the recovery of people with severe mental illness. The team leader keeps the pace of the meeting by focusing on the roster (list) of names of people enrolled in ACT services. All team members discuss what they know about each person's life experiences and recovery in the last 24 hours and the next 24 hours. The team leader keeps the discussion focused on the 24-hour cycle. This close look at yesterday and today is very important. It helps keep the pace of the meeting.


This resource was produced by our Center's Ohio Assertive Community Treatment Coordinating Center of Excellence (ACT CCOE) initiative with support from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS).


To learn more about Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), the evidence-based practice, and our consulting and training services for ACT implementation, visit the "practices" section of our website (click here).


Title: ACT | Team Meeting Tools
Author(s): Center for Evidence-Based Practices
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher City: Cleveland, Ohio
Publisher Name: Center for Evidence-Based Practices at Case Western Reserve University
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  • ACT | Team Meeting Tools

    $0 / Free Downloads / Use the tools on this resource page in your ACT daily team meetings, staging meetings, and treatment-planning meetings. The tools are designed to help Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams manage information and coordinate daily activities as team members collaborate with each other to support the recovery of people enrolled in ACT services. Learn how to maximize the team-meeting tools with the free PDF booklet and mini-poster.

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