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  • A Practical Guide to Benefits Advocacy, 2nd Revised Edition

    $0, Free PDF sample / Printed copies available / This resource is a must-have introduction to SSI, SSDI, Medicare, and Medicaid—benefits programs most commonly used by people diagnosed with mental illness. Learn to help clients make more informed choices about their financial futures. Help them manage their benefits and pursue their employment dreams. Designed for providers of mental health services, family members, and other advocates.

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  • ACT | Team Meeting Tools

    $0 / Free Downloads / Use the tools on this resource page in your ACT daily team meetings, staging meetings, and treatment-planning meetings. The tools are designed to help Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams manage information and coordinate daily activities as team members collaborate with each other to support the recovery of people enrolled in ACT services. Learn how to maximize the team-meeting tools with the free PDF booklet and mini-poster.

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  • ACT | Team Meeting Tools Booklet

    $0 / Free PDF / This 8-page booklet provides a brief introduction to some popular tools that Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams use to organize and manage information about their work with clients who receive ACT services. Use the tools described in this booklet in your ACT meetings to coordinate the daily activities of team members as they collaborate with each other to support recovery. Also download the team-meeting tools!

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  • Dual Disorders Recovery Counseling, 3rd Edition

    This newly revised and updated counseling manual was written to provide a framework for mental health and chemical dependency counselors who take care of dual diagnosis clients. It is intended to be a “practical” manual that can be adapted to current counseling practices.

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