Challenge of Implementing and Sustaining Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Programs, The

Consumers who receive services from programs that offer integrated dual-diagnosis treatments that are faithful to evidence-based principles achieve significant improvements in their outcomes. Unfortunately, not all programs that attempt implementation are successful, and the quality of high-fidelity programs sometimes erodes over time.

This article outlines implementation strategies that have been used by successful dual-diagnosis programs. As a general rule, success is achieved by involving all major participants (consumers, family members, clinicians, program leaders, and state or county mental health authorities) in the process and attending to the three phases of change: motivating, enacting, and sustaining implementation" (source: ).


Title: Challenge of Implementing and Sustaining Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Programs, The
Title #2: Community Mental Health Journal
Author(s): William C. Torrey , Robert E. Drake, Michael Cohen, Lindy B. Fox, David Lynde, Paul Gorman and Philip Wyzik
Publication Year: 2002
Volume #: 38
Issue #: 6, December
Page(s): 507 - 521
Publisher City: Berlin
Publisher Name: Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
ISBN #: ISSN: 0010-3853
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