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  • Principles of Addiction Medicine, Fourth Edition

    The 2009 edition of Principles of Addiction Medicine provides a comprehensive overview of the diagnosis and treatment of addictive disorders, as well as the management of co-occurring medical and psychiatric conditions. A resource for nurse practitioners, social workers, and addiction counselors, as well as providers of residential and outpatient treatment.

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  • Project Cork: Clinical Screening Tools

    Project Cork's disseminates current, authoritative information on substance abuse for health and human-service  providers and policymakers. The "clinical tools" page of its website includes 15 screening tests. Some are alcohol specific while others cover alcohol and other drugs. Some are designed for self-administration and others for use in clinical interviews.

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  • Psychiatric Advance Directives (Bazelon Center)

    People who are concerned that they may be subject to involuntary psychiatric treatment or commitment at some future time can prepare a legal document in advance to express their choices about treatment. This is called a psychiatric advance directive.

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  • Psychiatric Advance Directives (MHA)

    Mental Health America (MHA) supports and promotes the use of psychiatric advance directives as a tool for the expression of an individual's free will and self-determination. Psychiatric advance directives offer several key benefits. Learn more.

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  • Publications | Articles, Book Chapters & Books

    A list of research and scholarship published by staff members of the Center for Evidence-Based Practices (CEBP) at Case Western Reserve University and affiliated faculty from the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (school of social work) at Case Western Reserve and the Department of Psychiatry at the Case School of Medicine.

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  • Readiness Ruler

    $0 Free PDF / Printed, laminated copies available. / The Readiness Ruler is a helpful tool to support the use of Motivational Interviewing (MI), the evidence-based treatment. MI is a conversational approach designed to help people discover their own interest in considering and/or making a change in their lives. Carry the Readiness Ruler in your pocket and use its Zero-to-10 scales to begin or continue the conversation about change.

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