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  • Dual Diagnosis Capability In Mental-Health Treatment (DDCMHT) Toolkit

    $0, Free PDF | This Toolkit is designed to accompany the Dual Diagnosis Capability in Mental-Health Treatment (DDCMHT) Index. It helps service systems and organizations assess their capability (or capacity) to provide treatment for people diagnosed with a mental illness who also have a co-occurring substance-use disorder.

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  • Dual Disorders Recovery Counseling, 3rd Edition

    This newly revised and updated counseling manual was written to provide a framework for mental health and chemical dependency counselors who take care of dual diagnosis clients. It is intended to be a “practical” manual that can be adapted to current counseling practices.

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  • Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA)

    Dual Recovery Anonymous (DRA) is an independent Twelve Step self-help membership organization for people with a dual diagnosis. Membership does not require professional referral and is not dependent upon the extent of professional care. DRA is a fellowship of men and women who meet to support each other. Find a DRA group near you.

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  • Evidence-Based Mental Health Practice: A Textbook

    This book explores some of the complex challenges in implementing EBPs and highlights the meaningful opportunities that are inherent in this paradigm shift. Chapter 15, "Integrated Dual-Disorder Treatment (IDDT)," is written by staff of the Ohio SAMI CCOE, an initiative of the CEBP at Case Western Reserve. Also see Gary Bond's chapter on Supported Employment (SE).

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