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  • State hospitals in Ohio bring new meaning to rapid job-search

    Vocational specialists from the State of Ohio's inpatient Behavioral Healthcare Organizations (BHOs) are putting to rest fears about symptoms of mental illness interfering with a person's ability to work. The specialists are exploring how they might help some people obtain or return to competitive jobs in the community as part of their transition out of the hospital, before discharge.

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  • Employer, employee team-up with onsite job coaching

    The Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland, Ohio is no ordinary park. It is a living educational museum. John is a participant of evidence-based Supported Employment (SE) services who works at the Farmpark. He has not missed a shift in over four years. His success is partly the result of the open communication he has with his boss, Beth Florian.

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  • The power of hearing a good story

    We are collecting audio recordings of service providers, consumers, and others telling stories of their experiences with evidence-based practices, other service innovations, and recovery. We invite you to share your story.

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  • MINT initiative helps set agenda for future of motivational interviewing in Ohio

    Three of our consultant-trainers joined the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) by attending a three-day training event at Atwood Lake Conference Center from April 29 through May 1. The Center for Evidence-Based Practices is participating in the MINT initiative as a way to add to the pool of advanced MI consultants and trainers in Ohio. MI is an evidence-based treatment.

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