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  • Fidelity review and action-plan guide EBP implementation process

    The fidelity review (or assessment) provides a formal mechanism for independent evaluation of evidence-based practices (EBPs), such as Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) and Supported Employment (SE). The fidelity review is not an audit or accreditation process. It is strictly a quality-improvement process that provides program managers and implementation teams with information about an organization's progress with EBP implementation.

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  • Christina M. Delos Reyes, M.D.
  • Physicians and integrated treatment: specialization and collaboration

    Physicians of internal medicine, family medicine, and psychiatry fulfill an important role in screening for, assessing, referring, and providing treatment to people who experience severe mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia, bi-polar, depression) and a co-occurring substance use disorder (i.e., alcohol and other drugs). Prescribing medication and helping patients manage side effects and symptoms of both disorders is one of the primary roles of the physician—but not the only one.

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  • CCOE develops practical guide to stages of organizational change for IDDT, EBP implementation

    "Implementing IDDT: A step-by-step guide to stages of organizational change" is a new 40-page booklet that is based upon published research and the practice experiences of the consultants and trainers of our Ohio Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Coordinating Center of Excellence (SAMI CCOE) initiative. The booklet is organized into five stages of change/implementation with 8 to 12 practical action steps in each stage. Pace and track your implementation.

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  • Acceptance, assertive outreach and social support inspire Jane's recovery

    Jane was arrested and sent to a county jail in the spring of 2004 as the result of using drugs. There is no need for any more details, because this story is less about what happened before the arrest and more about what has happened since. Discover how Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment helped Jane transform her past into the insight to help others who are struggling with chemical dependency.

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