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  • Great American Smokeout includes people with serious mental illness, five tips for your practice

    The American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout takes place on Thursday, November 15. Our Center is using the event to remind health and behavioral health professionals to encourage people with serious mental illness and substance use disorders to consider reducing and eliminating the use of tobacco products. There are five easy things you can do in your practice. We also encourage organizations to incorporate tobacco recovery into their integrated primary and behavioral healthcare initiatives and Health Homes.

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  • Benefits planning is a relationship job, not just an information job

    Part 2 of a conversation with Steve Shober, BS, LSW, about the importance of benefits-planning services. Steve tells some stories and provides some tips for helping providers transform an intrusive just-the-facts approach into meaningful relationships. Change do-for approaches into do-with strategies that help people make more informed choices for themselves.

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  • 9 things you can do today

    Part 7 of a conversation with Steve Shober, BS, LSW, about the importance of benefits planning. Steve knows that most service providers do not need or want to be experts in benefits counseling. Yet, he also knows that, with some basic information, they can help people with disabilities make more informed decisions about their financial futures. Here are 9 easy things you can do today.

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